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What Can I Expect From My Specialty Septic System?

Due to changes in DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) regulations, installations of alternative, or specialty, septic systems are on the rise. These modern systems are designed to process your residential wastewater in a safe, environmentally-friendly way.

Specialty systems such as drip irrigation, stream discharge or eco-flow systems usually require more maintenance than older-style septic tanks. However, with proper care you can expect your new system to perform for many years to come.

What are the Components of My Specialty System?


Norweco Side: Biologically treats wastewater before entering the American On-Site part of the system.

  • The pretreatment, or sludge holding chamber is designed to retain non-biodegradable solids and allow biodegradable solids to flow into the aeration chamber.
  • The aeration chamber houses the Singulair aerator. This is an aerobic system that keeps the bacteria activated and reduces nitrogen levels in order for effluent to be safely stream discharged. Aeration is achieved by the release of air through a rapidly spinning aspirator submerged in the aeration chamber. The infused air provides oxygen for the aerobic bacteria, as mixing of the wastewater with the bacteria, thus converting waste into stable substances. The Singulair aerator has its own warning light. If you notice this light is on please contact us immediately.
  • The Norweco filter keeps particulates and solids from entering the dosing tank. They should be exchanged on a regular basis. Failure to exchange out your Norweco filter allows sludge and particulates to enter into the dosing tank and into the hydraulic unit—which can cause damage to key components n the hydraulic unit, resulting in constant repair.


American On-Site Side: Responsible for dosing high quality effluent into the environment.

  • The dosing tank houses the pump. The pump doses, or sends, the treated effluent to drip fields.
  • The hydraulic unit controls which drip field effluent is dosed to. The hydraulic unit uses a control panel to communicate with the pump. Servicing the hydraulic unit includes checking the solenoids and diaphragms within the unit and making sure the heating pad works. The heating pad is designed to keep the unit from freezing

How Can I Care For My Investment?

Here at ESS, we understand that your new specialty septic system was an investment--one that you want to run dependably and efficiently for years to come. Therefore, in order to maximize performance, protect system components and ensure the protection of the surrounding environment, the Singulair/Norweco system should be thoroughly checked every six months by a factory-trained service tech.

Pumping of the system should be done every 1-3 years based on variations in the system's occupancy, usage, and loading.

What Can Environmental Systems Services Do For Me?

Environmental Systems Services employs authorized service technicians to maintain all components of your specialty septic system. We can also repair and replace parts if that becomes necessary. We have been expertly trained by Norweco and American On-site to work on these systems.

Environmental Systems Services, in conjunction with its parent company, Economy Septic Service, can also:

  • Pump sludge and holding tanks regularly to prevent system failure
  • Check the amperage of the aerator
  • Replace chlorine tablets and provide maintenance to the chlorine contact tank or UV tank, if applicable.
  • Collect periodic lab samples from your system that may be required by the DEP.
  • Repair or replace key components of your system, such as pumps or control panels, should the need arise.

Whether it's troubleshooting a specific problem you're having with your system, or doing routine maintenance to prevent system malfunctions, ESS provides you with expert service that you can depend on!

Specialty Septic Systems Serviced By ESS:

  • American On-Site
  • Norweco
  • Norweco Green Systems
  • Norweco Bio-Film Reactor Systems
  • Bio-Kinetic Systems
  • Eco-Flow Systems
  • Chromo-Flow Systems
  • Stream Discharge Systems
  • Sand Filter Systems
  • Peat-Moss Systems
  • Grade-Bed Systems
  • Sandmound Systems

Our Filter Cleaning/Exchange Program

It is highly recommended that your Norweco filter be regularly exchanged to keep your system in good condition. In addition, periodic inspections of your system will prevent minor problems from turning into serious malfunctions.

Our Norweco filter cleaning/exchange program is an important step toward keeping your system in reliable, optimal condition.

Our highly trained technicians will come every 6 months to clean or exchange your filter—whatever is needed. We will also go over the components of your system and make sure no issues are detected.

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